Maze and Trixie are two peas in a pod. It is even implied that she is partially a sadomasochist, remarking about how she "likes pain". Threatening people to get Trixie more candy isn’t necessarily a good habit, but it shows how much Maze cares. Alive "For as long as she wants to do it." She ended up sharing an apartment with Chloe Decker and Chloe's daughter, Trixie. Whereas most people would find it revolting, Trixie thought it looked cool on Halloween. "Why else would I be up this early?" Maze is eventually able to see, however, that Linda too believed that giving up her child was the only way to give her a better life. Despite being seen upset in multiple episodes, Maze states to Amenadiel that 'demons don't get sad, they get mad'. Mazikeen • Maze and Trixie meet again at the LAPD. It was still closed off, cold. During Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 3 Lucifer reveals that he owes John Constantine for helping him out with something to do with Maze. Her true face might be an allusion to Hel, The Norse Goddess of Death, whose appearance was described as half beautiful and half scarred. with Maze, then it would be hard to get anything. She assisted Lucifer in various tasks and occasionally helping him with cases. Lucifer has called her \"the most skilled and efficient torturer Hell's ever known\", \"one of the strongest and most powerful demons who ever lived\", and \"Hell's most brutal torturer\". Because of this, she chooses to "Live in the moment". 2. A détente that was originally intended to air at the close of Season 3 instead came during the supernatural series’ Netflix premiere. Throughout Season 4, Maze decides to focus more on Linda and she starts to look for a love interest causing her to develop a crush on Eve. Shortly afterwards, Lilith abandoned Mazikeen and her siblings, then Maze and other demons became ruthless, brutal and fierce torturers of Hell, they learned the arts of torture by torturing Abel, the first soul in Hell who was murdered by his own brother Cain. Linda Martin She also became interested in companionship, eventually falling for a frustratingly oblivious Eve, who was too obsessed with getting back with Lucifer to notice. During season 1, Mazikeen is a wrathful and ruthless bodyguard of Lucifer and his bartender, and seemingly she doesn't feel emotional pain and the only person whom she loved and protect was Lucifer, and herself, as she care for him. Unlike Lucifer, she preferred her position in Hell, having become dissatisfied with Earth and whatever fascination Lucifer has with humans and has even resorted to consorting with Amenadiel behind his back in order to make that happen. I love Maze and Trixie. Maze walks away, and her mother doesn’t stop her. However, Maze feels that they don't belong to earth anymore, and need to go back to their home, which Lucifer refuses quickly. Portrayed by Affiliations Scene from Episode 1x10 - Pops. Dan Espinoza • “Scarlett and I actually hang out, like, outside of work,” Brandt shares. Maze and Trixie are very similar in that way, too, so I think Maze kind of appreciates that about her.”, Brandt’s bond with 11-year-old Estevez carries off-screen, as well. Maze’s hope dimmed a bit when she saw the expression on the girl’s face. In the comics, Mazikeen's original appearance showed the left half of her face to be horribly scarred and mutilated-looking. Actually, I like that one in p… Biographical Information Being abandoned by Lucifer while simultaneously losing Eve was … Have fun browsing our website! Another Lucifer season two episode, another case of questionable identity. Chloe: So our only evidence is currently in your lungs? Maze is among the strongest demons who have existed for thousands of years, Mazikeen was one of the many and countless demons known as the Lilim, who were born from Lilith, Adam's first wife, and mother of Mazikeen and the countless other demons. But her devotion to him remains absolute, often being the one dispatched to accomplish tasks Lucifer himself cannot do himself for various reasons. Mazikeen seems to be very powerful for a demon, as she was able to fight Lucifer on more-or-less even grounds (though it should be noted that neither of them actually tried to kill the other, and they fought simply out of mutual frustration.). Despite all of this, she is profoundly loyal to Lucifer and whatever decisions that he makes, having left Hell to look after him and always nagging him for his own well-being. Mazikeen of the Lilim, also known by her nickname Maze, is a demon from Hell who holds the form of a beautiful young woman. So I was really happy that people took to the friendship between our characters.”, James Hampton Dies: Writer, Director, And Bugler Hannibal Dobbs…, Sean Miller's Firing Caps Off Unique Oil-and-Gas Longevity Bonus, 10 Books First-Time Filmmakers Should Own, Howard Weitzman, Power Attorney for Michael Jackson, Marlon…, Our Definitive Ranking of the Best Electric Razors for Men, Copyright © 2021 TVLine Media, LLC. It was just a matter of finding a good place to do that." Maze lives with Chloe and Trixie. ellalopez, chloedecker, mazikeen. After Michael offered her a chance to get a soul, Maze jumped at the opportunity, openly betraying everyone she considered a friend, for a third time, for her own interests, even though Michael had hurt and manipulated all of them. “I don’t think we expected that to pop off the screen,” Brandt reflects. Trixie fullfills her part of the deal and helps Lucifer apologize to Maze. As Maze tries to apologize, Trixie runs and hugs her, saying that she can't be mad at her. I want more scenes with them. Request a scene from any episode in the comments. Sometime in the five years prior to the series, Mazikeen was in some manner helped by John Constantine, as a favor to Lucifer, and Constantine collected on the debt during the Crisis on Infinite Earths (The Flash S06E09), although Maze herself was not seen at that point. Because if Trixie and Maze hadn't made up, and Trixie was still mad at Maze, why would Chloe be wanting Maze to babysit her? I do not own anything. At the end of ". reserved.PMC Entertainment. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Lesley-Ann Brandt Joins Lucifer Fox Pilot in Recasting, She always entertains whatever sadistic ideas Lucifer may have and is even turned on when Lucifer suggests torturing a Lucifer-wannabe in "The Would-Be Prince of Darkness", excited about how it is like he is "torturing [himself]". Not that we've seen. Yes. They are both supremely confident, persistent, relentless, sexy, beautiful, muscular, sarcastic, charismatic, charming, magnetic, powerful, and sexually attractive. Trixie ran off in tears, the unlikely friendship fractured. Now, it’s God Johnson, an identity that is obviously a lot trickier for the show to handle. Maybe that's why she's got such a great career ahead of her. All in all, the noir episode was a success, was it not? General Hospital Adds All My Children's Cameron Mathison in Mystery…, Lucifer Post Mortem: Lauren German Details What the Devil Chloe Has Been Up To, Lucifer Stars Detail Pros of a Shorter Season, Cussing vs. Nudity, April Streaming Guide: What's New on Netflix, Disney+ and More. Three-quarters of the way through Lucifer‘s previous season, Maze blurted some harsh words about Dan and Chloe’s daughter, whom the demon had over the years befriended. Like Chloe and Lucifer’s insistence to not be a shoe the same happened with Maze and Trixie. In the \"Pilot\", Lucifer meets Trixie at her school, waiting by the principal's office. Species She often wears sexy leather outfits and the color black. Relatives She tortured Goddess for thousands of years, but Goddes… No, I most definitely did not. Chloe & Trixie 4 Maze 10. She's so not affected by the business, but she's so talented and professional and she likes to have fun. Because of this, Maze admitted her mother was bad at parenting and sought to do better. Maze was always unyielding to emotion until Trixie came to her life. There is another example of this in the episode, The show refers to Mazikeen as a demon. And even when Chloe and Ella step up to show their support against her being framed, Maze pushes them away even more, and then she says terrible things out of anger about Trixie and doesn't make any effort to make amends with her. I’m so sor–.” But Trixie cut Maze off… by dashing into her arms for a big, warm hug. She finds joy in working as a bounty hunter because it lets her hunt down humans and get paid at the same time. Maze grabs the woman and holds a knife to the woman’s throat and says that she destroys everything. The week before, it was Candy Morningstar. It is also implied that Maze and Lucifer were lovers at one point in their lives. After the birth of Amenadiel and Linda's child, Charlie, Maze begins experiencing abandonment issues from her own mother, the first demon Lilith. Other Affiliations Maze was fixing her makeup as Chloe Decker walked into the demon's bathroom, she didn't bother knocking; they were all well past that stage now. She finds out that he got it from her mother and never told her making her feel betrayed. However, said claim might not be true, as it was previously implied that demons do have an essence of sorts that can be eradicated by, If this is true, then she has unknowingly broken this rule as she was killed by the anti-matter at some point between 2011 and 2016 due to the events of. Although the cult appears to be human, as shown when she burns the mask on a woman's face, it is unknown where the group originated from or how her relations with humans have evolved from. After all, Trixie is one of the few humans Maze holds close to her heart - and Trixie does likewise. 1 Summary 2 Plot 3 Cast 3.1 Starring 3.2 Guest Starring 3.3 Co-Starring 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 Videos 7 Links 8 References "When a murder is connected to a celebrity dating app, Lucifer and Chloe question all they know about the world of social media in order to solve the case. When asked the reason for her actions, Trixie replies that the girl made a fake Snapchat account and made fun of Trixie, so she kicked her in the \"no-no touch touch square\".after Lucifer tells the mean girl she'll go to Hell and uses his powers to scary her, Trixie begins to like him.In \"Lucifer, Stay. I want them to be besties again. Toward the end of Season 4’s opener, Maze — spotting Trixie across the LAPD squad room — offered, meekly, “I… I’ve been wanting to talk to you. In human form, Mazikeen looks like a young, beautiful woman with flawless, medium-dark skin, a slim, but sexy, model-like build, and gorgeous long dark hair. Lucifer's chief lieutenant, servant, and assistant (formerly)Manager of Lux (formerly)Torturer of Damned Souls (formerly)LAPD bounty hunter (formerly; seasons 3-4)LAPD civilian consultant (season 5) This is evident when she undressed an unconscious Dan and put him in Chloe's bed in hopes of getting Chloe out of Lucifer's life. Trixie Decker; Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) Fluff and Angst; Feelings; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Episode 3.19 Orange Is The New Maze; Maze apologizes to Trixie; Trixie is a great friend; Lucifer makes deals; Trixie is cunning; Summary. All rights During season 2, she decided to leave Lucifer. Due to Maze being a Demon she does not possess a soul, therefore her death will mean the end of her existence, "That's it, lights out Maze". Then Chloe comes in looking all relaxed and casual and offers Maze the chance to apologize for hurting Trixie’s feelings, but Maze just slams out the door. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. All rights reserved to Fox and DC Entertainment Lucifer 3x03 "Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith" Maze and Trixie Cute Scene - Maze Meets Lt HererraLucifer S03E03 She also shows that she may have real feelings for Amenadiel, as she chose to use Lucifer's feather to save his life. Last appearance Despite her bad girl attitude, she is revealed to be lonely, as she had no real friends until Chloe, Trixie, and Linda. I was forged in the bowels of Hell to torture the guilty for all of eternity. By When she walks back into the living room, Trixie asks Maze why she does not want to see him. Trixie idolized Maze and showed her the closest thing to unconditional love she could've asked for. Jim Miller stated regarding Trixie's return, "We always wanted to bring her back. Maze was told she’s “just a demon” in Lucifer Season 5 but she’s so much more . She's amazing. He is currently an active member of the LAPD and is secretly known for being the responsible of the Pallmeto case, which troubled Chloe.Even though Dan dislikes Lucifer, he still stood against Malcolm when it came to killing Lucifer. I do not own this video. That's what her mother always says, which I think is such a healthy perspective to have. 3. While Lucifer ruled Hell, she faithfully and loyally served him and tortured souls of deceased humans. Maze was surprisingly able to find a potential partner in the human. Status Feeling bad about it, Maze apologies in season 4's premiere and Trixie forgives her. Instead, she wears half a mask, to presumably hide her demon face, and is in charge of a cult. “I’ve taken her to the movies, she’s had playdates with my son and my dog…. For a while she was searching for a job before deciding to become a bounty hunter, using the name "Mazikeen Smith". In Season 5 Maze tries to figure out where Lucifer Morningstar's ring is from. Chloe just grinned at her housemate's surly attitude, seeing right through it. Upon learning Linda was pregnant, Maze did her utmost to protect her and try to be a good aunt figure to her friend's child. Maze, and Lucifer enjoy watching two sinners struggle against each other. She searches for Lilith whom she meets but dies soon afterward. Malcolm Graham, Lucifer Morningstar • Amenadiel • Michael • Azrael • Remiel • Uriel • Gabriel • Castiel • Raphael, Mazikeen • Dromos • Squee • Gromos • Belios. Home Marcus Pierce • "Spoiler Alert". Mazikeen was one of Hell's most decorated torturers, inheriting a rather sadistic composure and sense of humor. Does Trixie know Lucifer is the Devil? Amenadiel • Well, Satan, Beelzebub, Old Scratch. Before Maze leaves LA behind her, there is one last thing she has to do. She wears her black hair in different styles, such as wavy, straight, ponytail, etc. Maze reveals it is because he has lied to her, prompting Trixie to share some wisdom: “Mommy says that sometimes people are just scared to tell the truth. At TRIXIE you can find the right products, ideas and information for your very special relationship to your pet. Dan is the ex-husband of Chloe Decker. But in the (hopefully not) official finale, Chloe mentioned that she couldn't find Maze (who was fighting her way out past Cain's henchmen) to babysit... makes me wonder if it happened off screen, and the writers just didn't bother to tell us. Part 2 of Forgiveness; Language: English Words: 5,849 Chapters: 1/1 Collections: … Matt Webb Mitovich / Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unfortunately, Maze upsets Trixie during her fight with Dan by calling Trixie a stupid little brat. Dr. Linda Martin: So you're the Devil? Read Trick or treat (Maze x reader w/ Trixie) from the story Lucifer by betterthanwakingup with 4,960 reads. And Trixie returned the favor; when Maze reveals her true face, Trixie thinks it’s the coolest Halloween makeup ever and isn’t scared by it. Trixie Espinoza • In an Equestria Daily interview posted on April 19, 2016, Cranky Doodle Donkey's English voice performer Richard Newman mentioned having been in three voicing sessions; this seemingly hinted at his speaking role in this episode, as only twoepisodes had fea… Toward the end of Season 4’s opener, Maze — spotting Trixie across the LAPD squad room — offered, meekly, “I… I’ve been wanting to talk to you. Eve (ex fling, in love with)Amenadiel (former love interest; frenemy)Ben Rivers (former love interest)Chloe Decker (best friend, former roommate, kissed)Lucifer (former ally)Trixie Espinoza (first human friend)Linda Martin (best friend)Marcus Pierce (former ally)Michael (ally) Quarreling with Dan, Maze (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt) back then roared, “And I am sick of your goody-two-shoes ex-wife and that stupid little brat of yours anyway” — unaware that young Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) had been standing behind her. She convinces Trixie Espinoza to ask Lucifer about his ring. Lucifer Stars Detail Pros of a Shorter Season, Cussing vs. Nudity. Maze is among the oldest and most powerful demon who has existed for millions of years. She is openly bisexual, also sexually promiscuous and has admitted she has had lots of sex with both men and women, even women who identify as straight. However, when she reveals her real demonic nature, the left side of her face looks horribly scarred and mutilated. Lilith (mother)Dromos (brother)Squee (brother)Gromos (brother)Belios (brother)Lilim (siblings) Mazikeen's character in the show departs almost completely from how she acts in the comics, where she behaves much more formally around Lucifer (referring to him almost exclusively as 'my lord' until the end of the series). Alias(es) Human At the start of season 1, Mazikeen was working for Lucifer as an assistant and enforcer for Lucifer, and also working as a bartender in Lucifer's night club, Lux. For millennia, she worked under Lucifer as one of his most trusted lieutenants and servants; he considered her his "right-hand." Maze approached her cautiously, her mind working feverishly to come up with an answer for Trixie’s question. "Chloe Does Lucifer" is the eighth episode of the third season of Lucifer. Goddess • "Trixie to school, yeah" Maze waved the mascara brush. Chloe tells her how much Trixie loves her and she’s a great friend. Appearances To tell you that I’m sorry. Lucifer Post Mortem: Lauren German Details What the Devil Chloe Has Been Up To Chloe Decker • Date of Birth The problem was that she didn’t have one. She particularly likes Trixie who is not scared of her and even looks up to Maze. In 3x18 the episode does affect Trixie but the most notable thing we see is how a little human girl can affect a Demon. In "Sweet Kicks", it is shown that she would even fight and kill on his request, having shown up to rescue him and Chloe when they were cornered by a street gang. “I know, dummy,” the tweenager said. In all honesty, it's not Maze … Under his orders, she cut off his wings. "You're taking…" Maze nodded and interrupted. Lucifer summons Maze to Earth to torture the suspects and help Amenadiel find his locket. It does not turn out the way she planned. 1. To tell you that I’m sorry. By the beginning of Season 3, Mazikeen is allowing her growing circle of acquaintance to call her 'Maze,' and her connection to Trixie and Linda is causing her to question her "soulless" status and detachment. Occupation In response to Lucifer going back to Hell to protect those he cared for, Maze only thought of herself and was furious that Lucifer didn't take her with him, even though it was clear she had no intention in returning. ^ Yeah that'd suck But yes I do hope we see Maze apologize to Trixie in the next season. Lesley-Ann Brandt was announced as the actor playing Mazikeen on March 17, 2015. Maze is able to bargain with Trixie to ask Lucifer for the history/story surrounding her mother, and when Trixie repeats the story to her, Maze seeks her mother out. And likewise, his confidence in her is equally strong as he often depends entirely on her to see a task completed in a timely manner. While Lucifer ruled Hell, she faithfully and loyally served him and tortured souls of deceased humans. She met her first human friend, Trixie (Chloe Decker and Dan Espinoza's daughter), in this club and even offered Trixie a Shirley Temple. Mazikeen is similar to Lucifer in many ways. And since Trixie was still upset (or angry?) Demon This can help to conclude that Dan does not hate Lucifer as much as he expresses, thus their on-off relationship. Last week, it was Trixie Morningstar. Los AngelesHell (formerly) Afterward, she aids Lucifer in his various (mis)adventures in punishing the wicked, then she became the bartender of the Lux the nightclub, as servant and bodyguard of Lucifer. Trixie is a little girl; she never used or hurt Maze to the degree that anyone else has. Mazikeen working as a bounty hunter in "Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith". When Lucifer left Hell, Amenadiel came to take Lucifer back but then his necklace was stolen. 2. As a trading company, we only supply specialist dealers. In a show about the Devil and his demon (and angel) friends, the Maze/Trixie friendship — which really got up and running with Season 2’s hilarious Halloween outing — is one very dear to viewers. The Maze of the. However, she is extremely upset with both Linda and Amenadiel after they lie about not being together. Mazikeen Good Devil.\", her mom tells her about the Hot Tub High School fil… That would be bulls–t.” (Earmuffs, kids!). May 8 2019, 6:00 PM PDT, RELATED STORIES In Lucifer season five, episode four, Trixie visited Lucifer for games night. Aside from Lucifer, Trixie remains the only friend to whom Maze has shown her true face. Scarlett is just a sweetheart. Charlotte Richards • Demon “It’s kind of similar to the Linda-Maze friendship, in that there was an unexpected chemistry.”, Further surveying the demon/tyke dynamic, the South African-born actress says, “Maze and Trixie are actually really alike in that they are both somewhat childlike.” Also, “children can just be brutally honest, with no filter. "Pilot" MazeMazie (by Lucifer)Mistress of ExcessMazikeen Smith (name on paychecks)Mazikeen of the LilimMazie MazeAunty MazeLady MazikeenMiss MazikeenAngry Bird (by A witness) Maze also becomes Chloe's roommate and befriends Chloe's daughter Trixie, but the friendship was strained in season 3 when, during a quarrel with Dan, Maze blurted out she was tired of his "stupid little brat", unaware that a heartbroken Trixie overheard her. Also, they both disregard many social norms. Thousands of years ago She decided to go with honesty. Ten episodes later since 3x08 the same story plays again but this time in the subplot of the series. She is the best friend and former lover of Lucifer and formerly worked alongside him at the Lux nightclub in Los Angeles before starting a new career as a bounty hunter with the LAPD. Female Lucifer: Yes. Despite Maze calling Lucifer a bad friend, Maze has been, any many ways, a worse friend then Lucifer ever was. [1], Lucifer Morningstar • Eve • The comics go in more depth, stating she is one of the Lilim, the children of Lilith fathered by various demons and angels, and that her father is the serpent demon Ophur. She then added (contradicting what a celestial-wary Chloe told Maze earlier), “I couldn’t stay mad at you.”, Recalling the reunion, Lesley-Ann Brandt told TVLine, “It’s one of those things where Maze is sort of like, ‘Oh, I don’t know how this is going to go,’ and it evolves into this really sweet scene between these two characters that the audience loves to see together.” After all, Brandt adds, “If they never made up? Angry at Lucifer and her Mother she allies with Michael to hurt Lucifer. Maze is friends with Linda who is one of the few humans who knows that Maze is a demon. Netflix Speaking with , series star Kevin Alejandro weighed in on the long-held fan theory regarding Trixie knowing Lucifer’s secret. Ella Lopez • Lucifer: [amused]Aah, you really wanted to say "up in smoke" then, didn't you? Series. Chloe: [not amused]No. This caused Maze to leave Lux and take some time alone for a while to figure out where she belongs. Gender 1. This is hinted at when we see her reflection in ", In the comics, she would hide her disfigurement from humans with a white mask that covered half her face.