If you aren’t familiar with Shopify metadata, that may appear a whole load of useless information. However, be noted that you have to replace the page-handle-you-want-to-exclude with the correct page handle that you to hide. Shopify provides a method to hide products in your store from Google and other search engines. Wrap the first two formats in a span element with a class set to hidden. Sign up to our blog - no spam, just high-quality marketing articles. The search results page still shows products with this tag, and also produces an error that it "can't find 'snippets/search-result'" or something like that. It will look something like this. Obviously you can just set the product as a Draft, which only allows your Staff to view it, but maybe you want to hide a product from your storefront but still allow users to access it via a direct link. He loves collaborating with brands big and small, and thrives on the challenges of hard marketing. You could use this to have different VIP collections, wholesale collections, and so on. Metadata is additional data that you can add to your products – it’s typically used for custom fields which can appear in your themes, in addition to the standard product title and description. Original content © Rusticated Creative Limited, 2021. It uses a wide range of advanced features for product filtering, search bar optimization, merchandising, analyzing customer … Now that you’ve set up your product templates and customer tags, go to Main Menu > Online Store > Themes > Next to your live theme, click Actions > Select Edit code from the drop-down menu > From the list of code files on the left-hand side, click Templates > Under Templates, you should find a file called search.liquid (or something similar). If your product has a similar name to another one of your products, someone may accidentally stumble across it when searching for the similarly-named product. How to hide products in Shopify search results based on a vendor name. I'm in a situation where hiding a certain vendors products in the control panel isn't an options due to an outside POS. If you have more than a handful of products, having to go into each one and set its metadata manually will quickly become tedious. For example, I recently added a wholesale section to a client’s store (which ordinary customers couldn’t access), but wholesale products were still coming up in the search results. Now you’ve ensured that if any products using the product.wholesale.liquid template are shown in the results, regular customers won’t see them. Follow us and check your feeds! {% for product in collection.products %} Or {% for item in search.results %} Theoretically, you can repeat this process using different product templates and different customer tags by virtue of the Liquid if, elseif, else control flow tags. There may be times that you need to hide a page from your Shopify sitemap. There is a way to hide product from search by setting a metafield. Then, select the Make products unavailable button. With product search filters, your shoppers can quickly find the products they want, creating a personalized shopping experience, and ensuring they spend less time searching. After you’ve done, there will be a notification to confirm Hid 6 products. Easy Option: Hide Out-of-Stock Products (Make unavailable) With this option, you would use an app to identify the out-of-stock product and remove it from your inventory. You have to manually add any tag you want to exclude to that list. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings. Unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t make it easy to edit metadata “out of the box”. It sure would be nice for Shopify to include a check button that just allowed us to hide products from search right there on the product admin page. Tag your products you want to hide “hide” or maybe “no_show” ( you can choose anything really ) In both search.liquid & collection.liquid find the “for” loop. All Rights Reserved. Choose the product that you want to edit. If you hit Save right now, your regular customers won’t see any search results at all, and customers tagged with ‘wholesale’ will see the normal search results. The search bar allows people to search for products within your shopify store and it helps in better product discovery and sales. If you hit Save now, both regular and wholesale customers would see the same, ordinary search results. As long as you hide it from all of your Collections, it’ll now be a hidden product that you can link to manually without any of your normal customers being able to come across it. What we’re going to do is duplicate that code for our wholesale customers and our regular customers, using Liquid’s conditional if/else control flow tags. Let us dig into how exactly to hide products from Google, sitemap, and other search engines. Add a metafield for the product and edit your layout/theme.liquid file to look for that metafield: {% if product and product.metafields.seo and product.metafields.seo.content %}