GT cars still race the full Nordschleife layout, including the famous 24-hour event but drivers require an additional license (above the standard competition one) to prove they have enough experience to race safely there. Due to construction of the Nürburgring's Formula 1 circuit, that race was the only time top-level Le Mans sportscars race on the 12.9-mile Nordschleife layout. ADAC Reinoldus-Langstreckenrennen fastest lap, 2010 VLN 33. Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. [57] However, their times were done by measuring the speed in some corners, and then calculating a lap time, and not timing a full lap. It wasn't until 1961 that drivers could drive a lap under 9 minutes. 8:00,200, Fastest lap: Chris Amon No. As a result, the 1983 Nurburgring 1000km was held on the 12.9-mile Nordschleife, marking the only time top-level Le Mans cars raced on this configuration. Smaller races resumed in the late forties, but Germans and Germany remained excluded from major sports events until 1951. Then, with a 750cc Honda RC30 VFR750R, he subsequently lowered it to 7:53.08 in July 1990, to 7:50.71 in June 1992, and on 23 May 1993, using Metzeler ME Z1[1] tyres, set yet another record, with 7:49.71. After the 1930 German GP (and again the 1933 round) had been cancelled due to the great depression, major racing resumed with the 1931 German Grand Prix which from now on took place only on the Nordschleife. Single seater open wheel Grand Prix cars soon came close to 9 minutes and 150 km/h. ERFAHRE MEHR. ADAC Reinoldus-Langstreckenrennen pole, 2014 VLN 37. Non-Production cars are allowed any tyres, since they were never road-legal anyway. - The event will take place on the Grand Prix Circuit (without Mercedes Arena) connected with the Nürburgring "Nordschleife". After three years of progress, including a revival of the mid-engine layout pioneered by Auto Union, the 9 minutes barrier was easily beaten despite small 1500cc engines with less than 200 hp, similar to the power of cars three decades earlier. With the old start/finish loop and pit facilities having been destroyed, a short bypass with improvised pit facilities was added to allow racing in 1983 while the new track was under construction, to be ready in 1984. BMW Driving Experience Challenge „Rhein-Ruhr“. -. Every lap is so long that when the driver has covered just half of it, there's still minutes of excitement, fear and pleasure ahead before the lap ends. Some say the Nürburgring Nordschleife experience is better than sex. This thread will serve as a complete leaderboard for Lap Times for the Nordschleife. It is fast. As a result, the track became even faster, with sportscars setting new track records before F1 returned. For a Lap Record to stand, it must be posted during the race, not in practice or qualifying.Due to the cars in the 2017 Formula One season being widened, many Lap Records on current circuits are from the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Formula One seasons. The roughly 20 km Nordschleife has always been a benchmark of progress and performance. As the event was discontinued after 1994 in which Dähne's time was not beaten, his 1993 time remains the fastest officially timed motorcycle lap ever on the 20,832 m variant. Lauda left a permanent mark on Nürburgring by becoming the first and only driver to ever complete a lap on the Nordschleife route in under 7 minutes—at a time when Nordschleife was 2 miles longer than its current configuration. Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo – 5:19.546 – 2018. ADAC Barbarossapreis fastest lap, 2013 VLN 44. 1 Matra-Simca MS670C 7:15,9 188,589 km/h, The race went ahead but Lauda sadly proved his own point when he sustained near-fatal burns in a brutal crash, ending F1’s tenure on the track. The Ring saw two more years without F1 races, as Berlin's AVUS had been chosen for 1959, and in 1960, the German Grand Prix was run on the Südschleife to F2 rules which would become F1 rules in 1961. Drivers boycotted the race over safety concerns in 1970, and Niki Lauda attempted to encourage another boycott before the disastrously wet 1976 race. And whatever the P1’s precise time, there’s no doubt a sub-seven minute lap is unbelievably fast. The modern circuit utilises the start-finish straight of the old Sudschleife track, before the drivers then tackle the tight right-hander at Turn 1 (Haug-Haken) and go on an enjoyable high-speed plunge down to the Dunlop-Kehre hairpin. Earlier in the year I brought my PlayStation to the track to fit in some games of FIFA. Lap Time Video Release Date Link Notes Formula DS Assetto Corsa 2:52.215 August 2 2018 Using VR Hirochi SBR4 No time August 10 2018 No lap time set due to several resets because of accidents Toyota GT86 Assetto Corsa Approximately 12:27.000. amazing plumes of sparks as the rear bottoms out, pleaded with him to be careful, rather than aim for lap time, when he sustained near-fatal burns in a brutal crash. Also, the Nürburgring in the Eifel mountains became notorious for frequent bad weather, and due to its length with lap times of 10 minutes, conditions could change significantly in the meantime. 10 - Ferrari 488 Pista - 7:00:3. With carmakers providing proof on the world’s most demanding race track: On the total of 20.832 kilometres of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the Green Hell. Porsche The Porsche 911 GT2 RS, for comparison, recorded a 7m 24s lap … Fastest lap: Manfred von Brauchitsch (Mercedes-Benz) in 10m32.0s =,, Fastest Lap: von Brauchitsch (Mercedes-Benz) 10:32.0, Fastest lap: Bernd Rosemeyer (Auto Union) on lap 6 in 11m25.0s, Practice times: Caracciola 10:03, von Brauchitsch 10:05, Rosemeyer 10:07 Lang 10:09, Fastest lap: Rosemeyer (Auto Union) 9:53.4 on lap 2,,, Brauchitsch Mercedes-Benz W125 9m55.1s, Lang Mercedes-Benz 9m52.2s, Rosemeyer Auto Union 9m46.2s,, Seaman 10m01.2s, Lang 9m54.1s, Brauchitsch 9m48.4s, Starting Grid: (3x2) 1 12 Manfred von Brauchitsch Mercedes-Benz W154 9:48.3, 139.59 km/h 2 14 Hermann Lang Mercedes-Benz W154 9:54.1 3 16 Dick Seaman Mercedes-Benz W154 10:01.2, Fastest lap: Seaman (Mercedes Benz) 10:09.1,,, Caracciola 9m56.0s, Brauchitsch 9m51.0s, Lang 9m43.1s, Fastest lap: Caracciola (Mercedes) 10:24.2 (10:24.0? 2 Gérard Larrousse (F) Henri Pescarolo (F) Matra-Simca MS670C B-01 Equipe Gitanes 31 5. No exact time given September 9 2018 Driven by Verónica Opel Speedster Turbo - Födisch, R.Louis: Trips has a bad start behind Brabham, catches up, sets new record at 9:08,1 in lap 6, 9:04,3 150,8km/h in lap 7, then Moss 9:02,8, Trips 9:01,1 in lap 9 and 8:59,9 in lap 10 while 2nd, but Hill is 3rd and does 8:57,8 in same lap before falling back. BMW Driving Experience Challenge „Nordeifelpokal“. measurement lap in the BMW M3 SMG, with a Nordschleife lap time of 8.22 minu-tes.The ideal line is shown in colour, as in our Formula 1 graphics, the braking zones prior to the turn-in points are marked as double black lines. 28 km (17.4 mi) combined track that included the 7.7 km (4.8 mi) Südschleife was seldom used for major races since the 1930s. 2002-present Combined variants (VLN & 24h),,, Fastest Lap: Rudolf Caracciola, 11m42.8 (116.810 km/h),, Fastest Lap: Tazio Nuvolari, 10m49.4 (126.45 km/h),,,,, Die Rundenlänge beträgt laut DMSB Streckenabnahmeprotokoll 24,427 km, gefahren wird in der NGK-Schikane die Motorradvariante. Seidl was an engine engineer for BMW F1 when Nick Heidfeld did the Nordschleife run in 2007, a promotional event not looking for lap time. Since 2018, these record drives are officially confirmed and listed by the Nürburgring. Auch die Grand-Prix-Strecke öffnet für Touristenfahrer. Great job! P2.0 7. Due to aerodynamic advance, Formula 2 in 1982 almost equalled the record set by F1 in 1975, and even Turbo-powered touring cars came very close. Track lengths and timing. Sprintstrecke + NS, Länge 24433 m Ergebnis Zeittraining 28.4.2007, Pole: 1st #108 SP7 Land Motorsport PZ Aschaffenburg Porsche GT3 RSR 6 laps 8:17.929 176.649 km/h, Road & Track, Hidden Glory at the Green Hell, May 2007, fastest 125cc lap -,,, Fotos,,, p.108, Jörg-Thomas Födisch, Robert Ostrovsky: Grüne Hölle Nürburgring, 1995, ISBN 3-922300-53-7,, Last motorcycle race: 1994, Lap record motorcycle: 7:49:71 by Helmut Dähne, 1993 (on Metzeler ME Z1), at [13],, Foreword by Helmut Dähne, to Ulrich Thomson: Das Nürburgring Fahrer-Handbuch, 1997, ISBN 3-89365-533-6, Dähne in his red-white leathers, doing a wheelie,, according to Mike Frison, Nürburgring local, Seriensport rider, and forum host, in a 2002 post at forum, List of Nürburgring Nordschleife lap times, 1935 Eifelrennen, quickest in practise day 1, 1936 Eifelrennen, fastest lap in fog and rain, 1939 German Grand Prix, fastest lap, wet race, 1952 German Grand Prix sport car race, fastest lap, 1972 German GP ECGT Nürburgring Trophäe, fastest lap, 1000 km Nürburgring 2nd in qualifying, race winner with, 1000 km Nürburgring official lap record, then crashed (team mate: Derek Bell), Group F (improved touring cars) race lap record as of 1999, Group G (standard touring cars) race lap record as of 1999, Group N/GT standard sports car race lap record as of 1999. Lap times were affected only initially, as technical progress, especially aerodynamic aids, made the cars significantly faster in the years to follow. Sebastian Vettel said it would be “the ultimate challenge” to race it in F1, and Max Verstappen said that if Monaco is good enough for F1’s safety standards, why can't they do the 13-mile Nordschleife? The two time spans in between the three passes of Heidfeld were clocked by some fans around the track, first Wehrseifen to Wehrseifen in about 7:28, then 7:31 from Klostertal to Klostertal, which was over 40 seconds quicker than the pole-setting Porsche 996 GT3 RSR. Indeed, to be the first driver to lap the 20.8km fallen GP circuit aboard a contemporary F1 car in more than three decades was not lost on the former Formula 3000 champion. 4 Matra-Simca MS670B 7:20,3 186,705 km/h,,,,,, 5. In the three German Grand Prix that were contested there in the late 1920s, 18 laps resp. #M590810ScriptRootC918437 {min-height: 300px;} Rank Manufacturer & Model Time Video Model Year 1 1 Ferrari 330 P3 Spyder 8:37 158,832 km/h (lap 2),, Udo Schütz (D) Joe Buzzetta (USA) Porsche 910 007 S-ZL 123 Porsche System Engineering 44 6:54:12,900 1. This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Adenauer ADAC Simfy Trophy pole, 2013 VLN 44. ADAC Barbarossapreis fastest lap, 2011 VLN 36. Using that and Lauda's pole lap from Monza that year (1:31.24), gives an approx time of 6:03.37 for a 2004 car. Non-Production cars are allowed any tyres, since they were never road-legal anyway. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The German press duly reported this lap time, yet criticized BMW. Usually, VLN races use the short sprint version (Sprintstrecke)) of the GP track, taking the Kurzanbindung short cut U-turn on the bridge over the B 258 road, thus bypassing the 1,5 km long section down to Dunlop Kehre. Fast täglich öffnen die Schranken der legendären 20,8 Kilometer langen Rennstrecke. The track surface was altered and improved, with the ditch inside the Karussell being altered to a concrete banking as drivers like Caracciola used to put their inside wheels in there for extra grip. While Formula 2, World Sportscars and the ETCC competed here, allowing comparison to 1982, DRM and Interserie remained absent, with the DRM having by now switched to Group C sportscars. It’s not all so intense at race weekends and if we can find some time to have some fun then we’ll take it! During the days of the European Grand Prix, the original Nordschleife circuit was used for camping and parking, and it wasn’t possible to visit it properly, let alone get behind the wheel for a lap. Fastest Nurburgring lap times 2021: quickest cars and lap records Check out the top 10 fastest production cars around the fearsome Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit in Germany The generic Canopy F1 car model was tuned, matching it to Lewis’ qualifying lap from Spa 2017. This added 586 metres and about 20-25[1] seconds to lap times, and also lowered average speeds by about 4% or 6 km/h. Drivers can’t resist the idea, but adapting a modern Formula One car for the Green Hell might end up putting it halfway on stilts—unless the whole track was resurfaced and sanitized beyond recognition. In 1951, major international racing returned to the Ring, but even though the Alfas had also about 400 hp, they failed to eclipse the pre-war records set by Lang, who raced again for Mercedes in 1952 and 1954. Lap times recorded on the Nürburgring Nordschleife are published by several manufacturers. Challenge others around the world then compare your rankings against friends and rivals. The length of the circuit according to the DMSB Track Licence is 24,427 km with the motorcycle version at the NGK chicane. The time … P3.0 1. The best driver was Rudolf Caracciola in the big Mercedes S, at an average of 96,5 km/h.