"I'm beginning to think you shouldn't have agreed to sit on that council. He resists at first but eventually succumbs. As is common with Star Trek, it took a bit for the series to find its footing. Subscribe. TREKCORE > DS9 > Images . DS9: Behind the Lines. Brr.   51145.3 (2374)   Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Behind the Lines (5), Stardate: 51145.3Sisko is promoted, and Dax is placed in command of the Defiant. "That's good. Shit just got real. The wormhole opens again, and Sisko on the Robinson witnesses the destruction of the Xhosa, Kasidy’s ship, followed by the explosion of Ds9. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the third live-action television series in the Star Trek franchise and aired in syndication from January 1993 through June 1999. Damar, while drinking at Quark's bar, reveals that he has found a way to destroy the minefield by firing a beam from the station's deflector array. 25 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Left Hanging. ", Odo thinks for a moment, looking at the doorway, "No, not really." In 2015, Geek.com recommended this episode as "essential watching" for their abbreviated Star Trek: Deep Space Nine binge-watching guide. Meanwhile, Major Kira and the others on occupied Deep Space Nine are successful in spreading distrust between the Cardassians and Dominion, by allowing the Dominion's Jem'Hadar soldiers to find out about Cardassian officer Damar's proposal to poison the Jem'Hadar if supplies run out of the drug needed to control them. Kira goes to check on Odo in his office, but he's not there. Det där Sisko blir befordrad och Odo tappar intresset för de solida. This is probably the same PADD as in "Behind the Lines". Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ran for seven seasons from 1993-1999. Hahaha, that rhymes. Kira, realizing that she's lost Odo to the link, leaves. On Terok Nor, Odo has a lot of questions for the Female Changeling. The Ferengi crawls back to where he came from and opens the outer hatch, only to be pulled out of the conduit by Damar and placed under arrest. I don't like Cardassians – they're mean and arrogant. She notices that Odo looks troubled and asks "Did she upset you? It's absurd. “Behind The Lines” (season 6, episode 4; originally aired 10/20/1997) In which Odo crosses one… (Available on Netflix and Amazon.) DS9: "Behind the Lines" 9. Weyoun agrees. “Behind the Lines” Written by Rene Echevarria Directed by LeVar Burton Season 6, Episode 4 Production number 40510-528 Original air date: October 20, 1997 Stardate: 51145.3 Odo suggests getting everyone out of the bar. He reminds her that at the last resistance meeting he vetoed the idea to give Damar's PADD to the Jem'Hadar, but Kira tells him that after he'd immediately dismissed the idea and walked out she, Jake and Rom discussed it further and decided it was worth doing, and Kira is pleased that it worked even better than expected. "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" Behind the Lines subtekstoj. DS9: "Sacrifice of Angels" 11. She repeats that words are insufficient and clumsy. But Odo is elsewhere, mentally and emotionally. It can detect ships from five sectors away. Help . The original title for the episode was "Life During Wartime". And I can't stand the Jem'Hadar. So they plan for Odo to take the alarms offline for five minutes during a security diagnostic. It says something about this ship. Sisko is promoted and removed from command of the Defiant, while Odo finds the allure of the Great Link to be irresistible. They're creepy. Jealous, major?" I'm so vulnerable to her. S6 E4 45min TV-PG. DS9's essentially gone 3 for 4 this season; let's hope it can keep up the pace. Why does Odo stay on Deep Space Nine? Rom figures that the secret is an anti-graviton beam, which the deflector array could be reconfigured to generate. "A lot of people are going to die. Weyoun, of course supports her and adds his own opinion on the matter, saying thousands of ships are waiting. "The ocean becomes a drop. The Defiant returns to Starbase 375 triumphantly. That's it. Clip uploaded to YouTube by user trekclip123. Command Line Options DS9 will process each command line option, one at a time, as the last step in the initialization process. Kira can never understand – she's a solid. The Female Changeling explains that she became trapped in the Alpha Quadrant because of the minefield which has been blocking the wormhole and that she needs to see others of her kind. "No sir! Kira furiously tells her former friend that Rom is in a holding cell being interrogated, they were both counting on him but instead Odo has just handed the Alpha Quadrant to the Dominion. Satisfied, the Female Changeling remarks, "Ah. Accordingly, Jadzia Dax will now captain the Defiant. ", "Do you realize what you just did? They link. March 1, 2019 March 4, 2019 ~ rogerwilson. "You mean if I had to take command, I would be called 'captain,' too?" This article needs additional citations for verification. Kira accuses Odo of taking his role on the station's Ruling Council too seriously, as if he were genuinely more interested in the smooth operation of the station than in defeating the Dominion, but when asked tells him she isn't questioning his loyalty. Sisko reassures Worf that she will bring the ship home and adds that there is no way Dax would miss her own wedding. Player Help | Paramount+ Help. While Sisko misses his crew and frets ov… I suppose the question is moot for the moment; with the wormhole mined, there’s … Player Feedback. But you know what? It just ... didn't seem to matter." S06E04 Behind the Lines Summary Stardate 51145.3: With the assistance of Rom, Major Kira's plan to turn the Cardassians and the Jem'Hadar against each other enters the first stage. Returning from another mission against the Dominion on the Defiant, Captain Sisko is informed that Starfleet Intelligence has discovered a massive sensor array that the Dominion is using to track Starfleet ship movement. However, Sisko is promoted to adjutant to Admiral Ross, and will not be commanding the mission. As. TrekCore 'Star Trek: DS9' Screencap & Image Gallery. It's as if you're so invested in making sure the station runs smoothly you've forgotten there's a war going on." SUBMIT . Admiral Ross at Starbase 375 uncovers a major reason for the Dominion's dominance — a sensor array monitoring all activity across five sectors. After terminating communications with Worf, Admiral Ross stops by Sisko's office, imploring him to get some sleep. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. On Starbase 375 at 0800, Sisko notes that the Dominion's Argolis Array can detect cloaked ships up to two light years away and proposes approaching the array through the Argolis Cluster itself. There's one way to disable the deflector array: by accessing the electro-plasma system feed and overloading the waveguide. — Odo and Kira, discussing the botched resistance plan She frantically tries to reach Odo via combadge, but he is entering the link with the Female Changeling and doesn't answer. That's about it. The Defiant has been operating out of Starbase three seven five, conducting forays into Dominion controlled space. The six episode arc that kicks off season 6 is quintessential Deep Space Nine. Home; About; Workflow; Videos; Screenshots; Progress; Blog; Home. "Do you know where he is? It is not completely clear which version can be seen in the foreground on the viewscreen of the Defiant. She urges Odo to link with her. He can afford it now that he's been promoted to Gul. ", "It's an old naval tradition. TREKCORE > DS9 > Images . In a ritual that's evolved over time, Captain Benjamin Sisko takes a discharged power cell that had been used in the phaser array and lays it on a rack on the mess hall wall and makes a short speech. "What can I do for you, Major?" One last time we see the logo on the back of a PADD in "The Dogs of War". Later, an obviously drunk Quark intrudes on Kira's resistance cell meeting. Despite initial fan and media grumblings about the concept of a static space station being the center of the series, the show managed to win everyone over with its flawed characters, new ideas for a Star Trek series, and deep story arcs.. "Cadet, by the time you took command, there'd be nobody left to call you anything." I've seen Odo's dark side run amok in the mirror universe. Home > Season 6 Screencaps > 6x04 - Behind the Lines Odo tries to reassure her and tells her that linking is not about information exchange (which might give away her resistance cell). In the aftermath of the bar fight, which has left some fatalities, Gul Dukat and Weyounargue about how the unfortunate situation arose, with each defending his own. However, Sisko is promoted to adjutant to Admiral Ross, and will not be commanding the mission. Jake, Rom and Odo are also there. DS9: "Shadows and Symbols" 12. AKA: Star Trek: Deep Space IX, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: DS9, Deep Space Nine, DS9 Did Dukat demote you to security detail?" ← 126th of 173 produced in DS9 → What We Left Behind — Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine … Quark relays this information to Kira, and she and Rom plan to sabotage the deflector. You just handed the Alpha Quadrant to the Dominion." Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. However, not every Deep Space Nine actor was enamored with their part on the show. See Also: 'Behind the Lines' Episode Guide. "He's in his quarters–with the other shapeshifter. ", "I tried. It says that we will fight, and we will keep on fighting, until we can't fight any more." ", "I just shared a bottle of kanar with Damar. [5], "Behind the Lines" Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Behind the Lines, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine condensed: How to watch the most story-driven Trek", "WIRED Binge-Watching Guide: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", "A binge-watching guide to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Kira Nerys", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Behind_the_Lines_(Star_Trek:_Deep_Space_Nine)&oldid=1008911195, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (season 6) episodes, Articles needing additional references from April 2015, All articles needing additional references, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 February 2021, at 18:23. DS9: Behind the Lines. TrekCore 'Star Trek: DS9' Screencap & Image Gallery. Though Deep Space Nine was the fourth Star Trek series to hit the airwaves, it is number one in the hearts of many Trekkies.. Command Line Options. Deep Space Nine, Season 6: "Behind the Lines" Airdate: October 20, 1997 126 of 173 produced 126 of 173 aired Introduction Captain Sisko adjusts to a new role behind the scenes in the Dominion War. Weyou… Returning from another mission against the Dominion on the Defiant, Captain Sisko is informed that Starfleet Intelligence has discovered a massive sensor array that the Dominion is using to track Starfleet ship movement. Weyoun tells Dukat that the two of them must look like allies in front of their subordinates. Every time I create an auxiliary window in ds9, such as a Pixel Table, or Analysis Plot, it will retreat behind the main ds9 window. Deze categorie bevat alle bestanden van de Star Trek: Deep Space Nine aflevering "Behind the Lines". recommended not skipping this essential episode. Three months into the war, DS9 is still under Dominion control. Here are 25 example. It was broadcast on television on October 20, 1997.[1]. Usually the symbol displayed is that of the caller, and since Worf is calling from … Use the form below to send us your comments. When Odo speaks out against her latest scheme, Kira begins to question his loyalty. The Defiant will leave as soon as current repairs are complete. So, wrapping up: Writing: It takes guts to make a major character responsible for this big a tragedy: here's hoping it's not taken back later. But assume the mines aren’t there. Back on the station, Odo confronts Kira over the Damar PADD operation. After a meeting of the Ruling Council concludes, the Female Changeling enters. First of all, it is helpful to identify the chief characteristics of the two variants that will be dubbed "V-type" and "U-type" in the following. ", "The Federation is losing this war. April 2015) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) "Behind the Lines" is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, 128th episode in the science fiction show. Odo continues to look around himself alertly. Subscribe. In the link, he says, nothing else matters. "There are limits to what we can do." After a long time we see the logo again in this episode, for the first time on the back of a PADD. This episode starts off with Sisko giving a Rousing Speech after a battle … All she has to do is smile at me and I am happy beyond reason. Assembling the Crew. Directed by A page for describing Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 06 E 04 Behind The Lines. "Good point. Admiral Ross approves the plan. ← 485th of 801 released in all → Every time I create an auxiliary window in ds9, such as a Pixel Table, or Analysis Plot, it will retreat behind the main ds9 window. Back on Starbase 375, Sisko, who is unable to get some sleep, speaks through a communications terminal in his office to Worf, who is currently aboard the IKS Rotarran. Quark knows that Damar knows something important and manages, eventually, to ferret it out with free drinks. Odo promises not to link with her again, at least not until the war is over. It is about thought and form and feeling. ← 126th of 173 released in DS9 → Behind The Lines: 528: 20 Oct, 1997: Favour The Bold: 529: 27 Oct, 1997: Sacrifice of Angels: 530: 3 Nov, 1997: You Are Cordially Invited: 531: 10 Nov, 1997: Resurrection: 532: 17 Nov, 1997: Statistical Probabilities: 533: 24 Nov, 1997: The Magnificent Ferengi: 534: 29 Dec. 1997: Waltz: 535: 5 Jan, 1998: Who Mourns For Morn? It also sets up the finale to the DS9 Occupation arc and shows a curious blend of serialized narrative and episodic hang-ups. Odo reminds her that if Dukat found out that she was behind it, he'd use it as an excuse to throw all the Bajorans off the station when he's doing what he can to make sure Bajor survives the war which the Federation Alliance is losing. Deep Space Nine is the science fiction show that can sit across from Mrs. Brown — it is chock full of full, flawed characters with world views more diverse than their forehead prostheses. Later, after he leaves the ship and returns to the starbase, Sisko watches through a window, as the Defiant leaves without him. "I was in The Link." DS9 Episode Database Our episode database profiles every episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine . In fact, several actors had significant issues with how their time … We can't sit by and do nothing." The team behind the series featured those with and without Star Trek experience. Latest from the Blog. Sisko is promoted, and Dax is placed in command of the Defiant. "I wish I didn't. Sisko determines that the only way to destroy the array is to approach it from through a star cluster. Each episode features background information (plot • trivia • interviews • behind the scenes info • shooting script) and a media collection (DVD screencaps • audio caps • soundtracks • trailers) Still, this is where you should start to learn about the setting and characters. Sisko is promoted, and Dax is placed in command of the Defiant. ", "You love her." 536: 2 Feb, 1998: Far Beyond The Stars: 538: 9 Feb, 1998: One Little Ship: 537 (DS9: "Behind the Lines", "Favor the Bold"; Star Trek: Insurrection) The new style was first seen donned by Admiral Ross in the DS9 episode "Behind the Lines". First aired: 20 October 1997 ← Arc: Dominion invasion (6 of 8) → DS9: Behind the Lines. DS9, Episode 6x04 "Behind the Lines" Air date: 10/20/1997 Written by Rene Echevarria Directed by LeVar Burton. Basically, Commander (later Captain) Sisko is given command of Deep Space Nineafter the Cardassian empire finally ends it occupation of Bajor. DS9: Favor the Bold. "I didn't forget– it just didn't seem to matter." The Female Changeling is sympathetic and she offers to link, saying that that is what Odo really needs. Memory Alpha articles needing page citations, https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Behind_the_Lines_(episode)?oldid=2691267, This episode was considered the most difficult of the six to put together. "Yes." Then, when I bring the auxiliary window to the front and move the mouse out of it, it automatically goes behind the main ds9 window again. The USS Defiant and her crew are now operating out of Starbase 375 conducting short-range missions into Dominion space. Sisko and his crew are given a mission to destroy a vital Ketracel White facility deep in Dominion space using a captured Jem'Hadar ship. She asks him if he forgot but he says no – it just didn't seem to matter. Written by DS9 Large LCARS No 041 DS9 Behind The Lines Starbase 375 Panel : DS9 Large LCARS No 042 DS9 Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang Craps Table : DS9 Large LCARS No 043 DS9 Various Episodes Runabout Tactical II Console : DS9 Large LCARS No 044 DS9 Image in the Sand and In The Pale Moonlight Casualty List This LCARS shows the canon 2 versions: DS9 Large LCARS No 045 "Leave us. Kira is unrepentant: with their supply lines cut off from the Federation, and Bajor accepting help from the Dominion, Kira knows that there is a second occupation going on. Includes summary, credits, images and transcripts. One of the Changelings, the shapeshifting rulers of the Dominion, visits DS9, hoping to spend time with Odo, a rogue Changeling who has lived among and allied with the Bajorans. Home > Season 6 Screencaps > 6x04 - Behind the Lines Rom has opened the hatch to the secure conduit and set off the security alarms. Commander Daxis placed in command of the Defiant. ", "When you return to The Link, what will become of the entity I'm talking to right now?" "I'm looking for Odo." She accuses Odo of trying to maintain a status quo on Deep Space Nine. Det där Sisko blir befordrad och Odo tappar intresset för de solida. In-universe date